EWT Clima company provides a full range of HVAC equipment

Nowadays we are more inclined to say that any premises, whether office, shop or an apartment, needs fresh air. Air conditioners have become an indispensable attribute of our lives. In order for the air in your room was always clean, comfortable and fresh, the company EWT Clima is a full line of HVAC equipment.

The range of HVAC equipment EWT Clima

The range of HVAC equipment EWT Clima is huge, from simple residential split systems to multi-zone air conditioning with automatic control, from air purifiers to the systemsregenerative ventilation from window air conditioners and mobile air conditioners to a wide variety of commercial series. Thus, the range of our technology covers the basic needs of the market and is constantly updated with new models. Equipment EWT Clima creates the necessary concrete you comfortable climatic conditions.

The functionality of HVAC equipment EWT Clima

The functionality of HVAC equipment EWT Tslima developing very dynamically, with the introduction of high technology and advanced developments. By observing the most stringent technical standards and applying the latest tech-technology, the company manufactures air conditioners EWT Clima excellent quality. The design solutions are applied as proven for decades, and new development, input into products which ensureting serious laboratory and bench tests.

German quality control

German quality control - one of the strengths of the company EWT Clima. The company EWT Clima has its production facilities, but places orders for the manufacture of its products in factories world-known manufacturers, which does not doubt their quality. The production, hosted by the best factories in China, is thoroughly checked by experts, with headquarters in Nuremberg. There are a range of measures and regulations aimed at maintaining quality at a given level, ranging from raw materials and finished products. On the Ukrainian market brand EWT Clima presented for seven years. During this time, air conditioners have proven to be reliable and unpretentious service.


It's no secret that it is often the most important criterion when choosing a product is price. Because the production moved to the world's leading factories in China, we can preserve affordable price, not exposed to the rapid growth of the euro at a fixed German quality. Plants of China offer very low prices for the production equipment at its facilities, it helps to reduce the cost of the finished product.

High quality

Consumers appreciate the build quality, resistance to voltage drops, the level of reliability, service capabilities and available equipment cost EWT Clima. But the company continues to develop, maintain customer feedback, the company cares for reviews on their equipment and every year more and more it improves.

Climate Technology Slima EWT - German quality at an affordable price!

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