Carbon filter

The basis of deodorizing carbon filter is activated charcoal. Activated charcoal can absorb (adsorb) harmful gases - this property is based on the effect of gas masks. Thus, the carbon filters designed to remove odors and gaseous contaminants.

Filter with silver ions

Filter is coated, which contains ions se-ribs, known for their antiseptic properties. Silver ions neutralize various microorganisms are killed and significantly reduce the activity of bacteria, viruses, fungi, destroying their internal structure, provides a consistent and high-performance cleaning. The filter cleans the air and prevents the growth of microorganisms on the remaining filters, air conditioners, as well as on the drum of the indoor unit.

Photocatalytic (zeolite) filter

with photocatalytic washable deodorizing filterthe effect of destroying the molecules that cause odors. The air is always fresh. It differs from other types of filters bythat it does not accumulate pollutants, and decomposes them into harmless substances. That is why the photocatalytic filter will never become a source of contamination. The essence of the method of air purification is the decomposition and oxidation of toxic impurities on the surface of the photocatalyst under ultraviolet radiation. Reactions proceed at room temperature, and the organic impurities do not accumulate and break down into harmless components (water and carbon dioxide), and PhotocatalyticOxidation is equally effective against the toxins, viruses or bacteria - the result is the same. Most odors are caused by organic compounds, which are also completely decomposecleaner and therefore disappear. Another feature of the photocatalytic filters is that their effectiveness is not reduced in the process raboty. Instead of replacing contaminated filter must be removed and hold several hours of direct sunlight.. As a result of this "magical" actions, he will restore its deodorizing ability ofABILITY to 95%, ie almost completely.

Catechin catechin filter

New filter not only absorbssmall particles of dust, odors, tobacco smoke and other common air pollutants, but also captures and deactivates microscopic viruses and bacteria. Catechin - a natural substance that is contained in tea leaves. Since ancient times the catechin used in medicine to combat viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Catechin affects the virus, enveloping membrane and disrupting their ability to bind to cells and infect them. It inhibits the replicationbacteria and kills cancer-causing substances, such as staphylococci, streptococci, salmonella and others with an efficiency of 95%. With the help of the electrostatic properties of the filter, the air is cleared from the smallest particle-particles of dust and pet hair.

Antibacterial filter

Antibacterial filter treated with special substances having different properties render micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi). They not only purify the air, but also hinder the multiplication of these microorganisms on the remaining filters, the air conditioner.

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